About me – English

Hiroshi Yasuda

Hiroshi Yasuda is a saxophone player and arranger, active mainly in the Kansai area.
Recently, he has been working as a multi-creator in various activities.
He has been teaching saxophone for over 15 years, brass band for over 15 years, and gospel for over 5 years.
Plays classical, jazz, funk, and brass band music.

Kansai Visual Arts High School, music major instructor
Gospel seminar instructor at Clark Memorial International High School

Arrangement sheet music production, commissioned sheet music production, sales sheet music production

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiroshiYasuda79
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJtALpibl12_kGQbPjb1LFw/

=Instruments used=

A.Sax:Selmer MarkVI
S.Sax:Selmer SerieII
Flute:Pearl Dolce

>Funk&Soul StandardLibrary 楽譜販売中

Funk&Soul StandardLibrary 楽譜販売中

We're selling sheet music which has chord progression and melody line on it.The whole tune is put in one sheet so no need to turn pages while playing.It will be perfect for those who want to play this tune in your bands, or those who want to challenge jamming.